llison Crowe links
For the latest news swing by Allison's web page. There is additional music to download as well tour news.
A fan-site which has music downloads and lyrics. The music downloads section contains many of the songs here in MP3 format.
usic links
Tara is one of my favourite recording artists. She has three solo albums (Silence, Passenger and Wake) as well as two albums as a member of the Canadian super-group Shaye (The Bridge and Lake OF Fire). Her solo albums are really worth investigating. I have never heard any artist be so revealing about her innermost thoughts and experiences. Whilst at times this can be unsettling it is also magical when you hear her second album and how Tara grew as a person. It is almost like you were riding next to her on the journey.
Frazey Ford was one part of one of my all time favourite bands, The Be Good Tanyas, but her solo debut Obidiah is a bluesy and soulful wonder, that I absolutely adore.
Lisa is probably best known for her backing vocals on Damien Rice's albums O and 9, one could rightly argue that she was key to their success. Her solo debut Sea Sew is full of fantastic and inventive and whimsical/quirky lyrics and music. It is a must have album in my honourable opinion.
Missy Higgins is a extremely talented singer-songwriter from Australia, who has a talent for writing poignant lyrics. Here debut The Sound Of White and her follow up On A Clear Night are two albums that have a very special place in my heart.
I've been a big fan of Lissie ever since seeing her perform Mississippi on Later... With Jools Holland. Her debut Catching A Tiger was so refreshing and different compared to the mainstream auto-tuned masses, full of passion and an idiosyncratic structure. I'm amazed it made it past the A&R guys. However with Lissie it is more than just the music, this girl is fiercely independent and refuses to wear all but the bare minimum of make-up, if any at all, allowing her natural beauty to shine. All this makes her truly inspirational.
omputer audio links
Winamp is a media player which supports a wide range of digital music formats and supports many streaming formats. It's the player of choice for listening to my audio streams on this page. If you don't have it download to today
CDex or CD Extract is an excellent program for extracting or "ripping" the audio from your music CDs to digital audio files like MP3's and Ogg Vorbis.
A free and open source audio editor with support for LADSPA, Nyquist and VST audio plugins. It allows for multi-track recording and the filters are really good almost up to the filters I used in SoundProbe to clean-up and beef-up the Live @ Lucky CD.
Wavosaur is a free audio editor with support for VST plugins and AISO sound drivers. It is certainly the best free editor I've come across and contains many features many features you'd normally only find in professional packages. The only weak point is the lack of an installer.
eb Programming
Notepad++ is a free source code editor, supporting syntax highlighting in many languages and it is the editor which I used to author this site in.
This site is about coding in CSS and what can be achieved. The site has one main page which has been customised by graphic designers purely in CSS. This is a really inspirational site for would be web designers.
When you can't work out why something is not working, or you have problems getting something to work as well in Internet Explorer as in FireFox and Opera, this is the site you probably want!
Cutting edge CSS techniques. An interesting read and good links. Not always 100% useful as many techniques need CSS2 or CSS3 which are not fully supported in any browser as yet.
Heavy reading but on the other hand it has all the detail you'll need about the fundamentals. I used this spec combined with a few other helpful websites to create this one.