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This page has a few nice things for Allison Crowe fans including full album reviews for all Ally's releases. Legal downloads and streams of Ally's music including a re-mastered Live @ Lucky CD, which I cleaned up for Ally and her manager Adrian. Also there is a news section which I plan to update regularly, which has a few sneaky insider articles!

The music on the site is in Ogg Vorbis format, which is similar to MP3, but with a far better sound quality (and an odder sounding name). It also means that you can hear reasonable sounding "streaming" versions of all Ally's current releases on a modem! All you need to listen to these is Nullsoft's Winamp media player which is free (If you need it there is a link to the download page in the links section to it from the page).

There is also a personal section, which is my own personal soapbox where I mouth off about things which I see as important.

Enjoy the site,


bout the site

This is my first full size web page so if there are any spelling mistakes or formatting mistakes then woops! Maybe I should have spent more time proof reading. But hey life's too short for that ;)

It has all been coded by hand in XHTML 4.0 and CSS1! Which has taken me a while seeing as I've always used programs which write it for me so I've essentially learnt XHTML and CSS1/2 from scratch.

Even though this is a bit of a dull lame arse thing to do it does allow me to have better control over the content and also to make it suitable for partially sighted and blind readers. Ever since my friend lost his sight due to a brain tumour I've seen this as more important. I'm a bit ashamed that I did not think about this before.

Have a look through my links if you are thinking of coding a site yourself.